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Below is a selection of games we have made (or are in the making). HAVE FUN! :)

  • Relic Rick

    Relic Rick

    dungeon crawl / action / retro

    Release: September 7, 2014



    Relic Rick is a top-down rogue-like with "ZX Spectrum"-like graphics in which play as an adventurer, Rick, who becomes trapped inside an subterranean dungeon during his search for an ancient relic. You must explore, solve puzzles, and fight enemies to escape the labyrinth.

  • Firewall 48k

    FIREWALL 48k

    arcade / action / retro

    Release: November 23, 2013



    FIREWALL 48k is a difficult action arcade space-invaders clone with crunchy pixels and a cyber theme. Take control of a firewall protecting a computer system against numerous virus attacks during download sequences.

  • Grim


    fps / action / paranormal

    Release: Cancelled



    This project has been discontinued.

    Grim is a Gothic first-person shooter that assigns the player into the role of a souless corpse possessed by the dark angel himeself, the Grim Reaper, during an apocalypse caused by a horrifying evil cult that has engaged paranormal warfare.

  • 2008 PhysX Demo

    2008 PhysX Demo

    fps / physics / tech demo

    Release: July 31, 2008



    2008 PhysX demo was created and submitted into the Nvidia PhysX Competition of 2008 hosted by The Game Creators LTD. Test out the Nvidia PhysX engine in a dark and horrorifying sci-fi atmosphere within a First-Person perspective shooter.

  • Dangerous Dungeon

    Dangerous Dungeon

    adventure / puzzle / point n' click

    Release: October 12, 2007



    Dangerous Dungeon is a very short throwback to the old 90's style point-n-click adventure games like The 7th Guest and Shivers.

    This game was "finished" on October 12, 2007, however, was never released... until now! This is one of our earliest games of which we have recently rescued from our backup drives and decided to release it. Surprisingly, the game seems to still work today! Old code tends to go bad if left unattended for years, so please go easy if you stumble upon bugs... and there are many grammar & spelling errors in the game. We were young when working on this game. ;)

  • 2008 PhysX Demo


    fps / action / sci-fi

    Release: August 1, 2006



    Slaughtered is a science-fiction horror FPS set on a mutant infested moon base.

    The very first project that we started working on. This is the project that started it all... We had released a demo in early 2006, however the project was never finished. The main reason why we had abandoned the game was because it was being developed with a mediocre game engine that had major limitations, sluggish framerates, and game-breaking bugs. Plans of recreating the project in another game engine were passed around, but never officially started.