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Who We Are

Based in Eastern Iowa, we are a very small group of crazy individuals with wicked imaginations that make video games.

What Does Toxin Games Do?

Simple, we make video games.

What? You want more? Okay then: We develop video games with twists of action, horror, humor, and challenging gameplay with a dash of nostalgia... mmm! Sounds like a nice digital suflet, game dev edition!

Our style is pretty varied since we make a range of games like an action arcade shooter, a top down dungeon crawler, and a first-person rogue-like, but we often love sticking to action themes. It really depends on our inspiration... and, of course, what our fans want!

Our main focus of platforms consists of Windows, Mac, and Linux, but we are open to expand our knowledge to support mobile devices and video game consoles as well.

Join The Team of Developers

We always welcome people who want to help out that have talent in game development and/or computer arts.

See Positions Available!

No positions available that suit you? No worries! If you have the talent...