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Go Buy Portal 2!!


Man, Portal 2 hasn’t even been out for a year, and Steam has the price down to $20. I love it. I love the price of PC games AND pretty much everything about Portal. The … Read More

Steam confirms hack… but also confirms total database hack!

Valve Steam Hacked

Steam has finally released word that their forums were indeed hacked on Sunday, November 6th… They also stated that their database that contains, profile passwords, credit card numbers, email addresses, ect. have also been hacked … Read More

Steam Forums Down… Due to a potential hack?!

Steam Forums Hacked?

The forums for the popular PC gaming service created by Valve known as Steam, has been down for a couple of days now. Today, I just learned that the forums had been hacked by a … Read More

Patch for Payday To Lower Difficulty on Last Levels


Yup, you heard right, the developers finally released word that a patch is coming out that allows players to play the last two levels (Slaughterhouse & Diamond Heist) on Normal difficulty opposed to just being … Read More