Toxin Score: 40

About Kevin

Gamer at heart, developer at practice. I run along with a fantastic group of friends. I love playing FPS games online, especially cooperatively. Some of my favorites are displayed below that I play regularly. If you have any of these games, give me a shout.

Games Kevin Plays

Platform: PC
Preferred Multiplayer: Co-op
  • Serious Sam 3: BFESerious Sam 3: BFE
  • MinecraftMinecraft
  • Saints Row: The ThirdSaints Row: The Third
  • Payday: The HeistPayday: The Heist
  • Serious Sam HD: The Second EncounterSerious Sam HD: The Second Encounter
  • Dead Rising 2Dead Rising 2
  • Blacklight: Tango DownBlacklight: Tango Down
  • Section 8: PrejudiceSection 8: Prejudice
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