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New Website!

It was long over due, but we have done it! The website has been completely re-built from the ground up. As you may tell, the site loads much quicker and is a lot simpler in design.

The old site ran on Wordpress, great blogging software, however, it can be a dog for speed, plus being so well known and available, it is prone to security issues if you are not constantly following the updates. Fortunatly, we did not experience any security breaches, but we definitly did not want that to happen.

Our new website is customly programmed and designed without any CMS. Meaning, chances of this site getting hacked/hijacked is now VERY slim. However, nothing in terms of software is ever considered "unhackable", so we will continue to observe and fix any security holes that we can find. If you find any bugs/security holes, we would appreciate any help we can get.

New Game

As promised in our tweets, we have a new game as an added bonus of waiting for the new site to launch.