The Game

Grim, a Gothic first person action shooter, assigns the player into the role of the almighty Grim Reaper reincarnated into a mortal being during an apocalypse caused by the actions of a horrifying cult.

The Story So Far…

It is a land of the damned. The Earth is populated by an evil cult that is dedicated to rise the dead from their graves. Crucifixion is the punishment to anyone who stands in their way.

The Grim Reaper weeps over weak and defeated as the cult has stolen Death's most important tool, the Scythe of Death. With this artifact being held in the wrong hands, the rotten souls of the dead have been given the opportunity to reanimate while the dark angel rots in starvation inside a purgatory with no new souls to consume.

You play as the Grim reaper reincarnated into a mortal corpse to punish the cult and retrieve the possessed artifact back.

Genre: Action
Release Date: TBA
Single Player Single Player