Relic Rick Released!


Relic Rick - An 8-BIT Action-Adventure Dungeon CrawlerRelic Rick is an action-adventure dungeon crawler featuring a retro 8-BIT ZX Spectrum style.

In the game, you control the adventurer, Rick, who is on a hunt for an ancient artifact for his museum. During his search in an underground ruin, he feels an earthquake and, before he knows it, the entrance has caved-in! Trapped inside, Rick must proceed forward through the newly discovered temple using his wits to solve puzzles, collect keys, and survive to escape the labyrinth. Will he ever find a way out of this secret underground dungeon or will it become his permanent tomb? It is up to you to help guide Rick out of his unfortunate state.

Play Relic Rick

Relic Rick is available for download free on all major desktop operating systems and is also available to play inside your web browser. Here are the links to play the game:

Relic Rick - Screenshot #1 Relic Rick - Screenshot #2 Relic Rick - Screenshot #3

Comments & Feedback Welcome!

We completely welcome any feedback or comments on the game! If you have an idea or just want to share your thoughts on Relic Rick, please feel free to write them down in the comments below. We love reading what our players have to say!

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