FIREWALL 48k Released!


coverFIREWALL 48k is an action game that takes place inside a computer system during a sequence of file downloads. The main goal of the game is to complete the downloads by letting the white download chunks proceed through the firewall, but look out, as there are hundreds of viruses also wanting to get through too! Defend your computer system by shooting the viruses before they go into your system. If they get inside your computer, they automatically are detected as viruses and are thrown into the “Virus Vault”. The vault can only handle so much malicious traffic before it overflows. If that happens, the game is over!

This game was developed for a week long game jam event called Speccy Jam.

For more information on the game,
click here to check out the awesome box art.


FIREWALL 48k is available for download free on all major desktop operating systems and is also available to play inside your web browser. Here are the links to play the game:

screenshot1 screenshot2

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