Grim: Mansion Level Screenshot


We are proud to show off what we are currently working on for Grim. Here is a development screenshot of the mansion level for Grim.

Grim - Mansion Screenshot

The mansion in the game is one of the many locations taken over by the evil Raptur Cult that you fight against. The theme in this level, obviously, follows an old victorian haunted mansion. Expect dark and eerie rooms, decorated with old and dusty nic-nacs while also watching your back for spooks and nasty cult members.

Freedom To Explore

The level will be laid out non-linear allowing the player to freely explore the mansion with the goal to find and kill the Cult leader that is hiding somewhere in the mansion. But beware, do not explore without ammo, opening a single door may end up become a massive cult or zombie ambush.

Guns, Guns, GUNS!

Although the screenshot captures the dark and eerie atmosphere of the mansion level, the game will feature large shoot-outs with massive cult member and zombie encounters with a large array of heavy duty weaponry including:

  • A powerful sawed-off model 1887 shotgun armed with a bayonet
  • A fast rate apocalyptic styled M60 dedicated to spray death in a pointed direction
  • A modified crossbow that shoots bolts strapped with dynamite allowing the player to staple enemies to a wall and then wait for the satisfying explosion of guts and limbs
  • And much more to be announced…

Demo In The Works For PC & Mac

The mansion map and all of said features will be featured in the single player demo version of Grim. The demo will be released for PC & Mac. We will keep you updated while we progress.

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