Quick Update On Grim


Grim“Where the hell are you guys?”, “What is the status on Grim?”, “Are you guys still working on the game?”

Looks like people have been missing us, eh? Well, I’m going to give you guys a quick update on Grim since I haven’t done one for so friggin’ long.

Firstly, yes, we are still working very hard on the game. Grim has been going through a long planning process. We wanted to nail down the story first and map out the flow of the different locations that will be present in the game. So far, we have written down a very chilling and dark adventure for Grim that we think hardcore FPS action gamers will really enjoy.

We also have been looking into finishing this game with another game engine. The game engine that we were working with just did not give us a lot of resources. This would force us to create simple game elements from scratch (which really started to become a long process and a real pain in the arse). The game engine that we plan on to complete this game will have far better resources so we can focus more on unique gameplay elements and detail. The best of all, it also has… cross-platform support! So expect this game to be released on PC and Mac. There is also a possibility that we may port the game to iOS and Android, but further consideration on that will happen after we release the PC/Mac version.

I will keep you posted and maybe post some more Grim screenshots fairly soon. I will also be making some updates to the Grim website too.

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