Go Buy Portal 2!!


Man, Portal 2 hasn’t even been out for a year, and Steam has the price down to $20. I love it. I love the price of PC games AND pretty much everything about Portal. The voice acting is aces, creating memorable characters.(Even the turrents!) It looks beautiful, and has a great story sure to put a grin on your face. The only possible negative I can think of would be the playability, which was a big problem with the first Portal. But Portal 2 has multiplayer for your continuous enjoyment.

As of now till 4p.m. PDT Thursday, Steam has Portal 2 an additional 50% off, lowering the price to only $10. Good time to buy, everyone. And if you miss it, don’t worry. Valve is great with putting their own games on sale, I bet it’ll be down to $7.50 during the next big sale. So definitely keep this great game in mind!

Check It Out On Steam!

Afterthought Update: Do you like the music in Portal 2? Do you like it so much you’d buy it? No? Well that’s perfectly fine because Valve has put the entire soundtrack up on the Portal 2 Website. I also recommend poking around on the Media and Downloads page for other goodies.

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