Serious Sam 3: BFE – First Thoughts


Serious Sam 3: BFESerious Sam 3 has been officially released Tuesday! I have been playing the game since then and I can honestly say, this game fucking rocks! I have not played the game to it’s fullest, but so far, I love what I am experiencing! I will write a full review of the game in the very near future, but as you wait for that, I just want to share a few thoughts that I have with the game so far.

You can Sprint!

I noticed that they added sprinting in the game. If you have played the originals, your running speed was limited to just run. Now they added sprinting like other modern shooters, but it definatly adds to the Serious Sam gameplay. It makes it feel faster and much more satisfying. It also helps out running away from those god-damn kamakazis!


Reloading ShotgunIn my previous post, I kind of gripped against reloading in Serious Sam 3. When I got in game, at first, I did not like it, but now I really don’t mind it at all. I feel, that it defiantly adds to the challenge when in a battle against numerous amount of enemies. Bottom line, reloading works in Serious Sam.

Lookin’ Down The Iron Sights

Iron Sights in Serious Sam 3: BFEAgain, in my previous post, Iron sights have been depreciated in a Serious Sam game. I kind of changed my view on this as I played on. This feature is useful on the Assault Rifle and Grenade Launcher (wha?!) allowing you to snipe Kamakazis and other baddies running towards you in the distance. Although, the iron sight on the pistol is pretty useless. The camera does not zoom, like it does with the other weapons, it just replaces the digital ridicule with the pistol up close and it does not make your shooting more accurate. To sum up, iron sights adds to the game-play a bit and makes Serious Sam a bit more modern.

Let’s Wrap it up!

Serious Sam 3, so far, is awesome! As a fan of the franchise, I am very satisfied. It was well worth the wait, if you ask me. Now, let me get back to playing it. I can almost here those fucking Kamakazis’ yelling and I gotta take care of the situation, with my shotgun! If you have the game, lets team up on Steam! Here is my profile, add me as a friend so we can fuck up some Kleers!

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2 Responses to Serious Sam 3: BFE – First Thoughts

  1. irevplu irevplu says:

    theres iron sights for the grenade launcher? didnt even try it for that weapon. i think next time we play i might disable some of these new features in the key bindings

    • Kevin Kevin says:

      1.) Yup, you can zoom in and everything. Pretty useful for that weapon since the grenades immediately hit the target. Perfect for sniping.

      2.) I actually was thinking about disabling the key binding for them too. Make it more like the original where you can’t aim down your sights/scope (exception the sniper rifle). Too bad you can’t disable reloading… or can you?… hmm…

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