Patch for Payday To Lower Difficulty on Last Levels


Yup, you heard right, the developers finally released word that a patch is coming out that allows players to play the last two levels (Slaughterhouse & Diamond Heist) on Normal difficulty opposed to just being able to play it on Hard and Overkill. This is a releif to people who are not very hardcore. Hell, Im a pretty decent FPS player and I could not beat any of those two missions with my friend, Irevplu. Payday is a very hard game, even on Normal mode. It is definitely a very fun game though with unique atmosphere. I did beat the first 3 levels, but, now I may finally get a shot at beating the entire game!

Payday: The HeistOther than the difficulty change, there are many more game fixes and additions that can be found on a post on the steam forums.

There is no release date when the patch will be downloadable. The developers are currently testing the patch to make sure it does not cause further bugs, which would suck!

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