Serious Sam Inspiring Indie Developers


Serious Sam, one of the greatest action shooters to hit the millenium, has become a great icon in the gaming industry. While thousands of fans await the anticipated release of Serious Sam 3, Indies have taken a opportunity to invent their gratitude towards the Serious series.

Two games have made it on the popular Steam market. Although, have not played them, they look… very obscure. Let’s get one thing straight, I fucking love Serious Sam. It stands near top place on my list of favorite games, but these indie-versions look really fucking weird!

Serious Sam Double D

Serious Sam - Double D

Where the hell is Sam?

First, lets take a look at the screenshot from “Serious Sam Double D” to the right, do you understand what the hell you are looking at? I, for certain, don’t! Also, when looking at a gallery of screenshots for Double D, I like to play a game I call, “Find Sam!”. Here is a challenge, look at that same screenshot again, can you spot Sam? If you do, you get a cookie! If you don’t, well you get nothin… Actually, you probably won’t get anything anyway. But it is a challenge!

Serious Sam: The Random Encounter

Serious Sam: The Random Encounter

A Serious Sam Turn Based RPG

Next game is called Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, and “random” it shall be named. This game looks like an RPG version of Serious Sam that takes on the style of the original Final Fantasy. It definitely looks better than the other one, but this is a type of game that should be on a hand-held device, such as the Apple iPad not on the PC. Granted, it is just an indie game, but they could have marketed towards gamers on the go. Steam’s community consists mainly of hardcore FPS fans, such as Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead, ect.

Are They Really That Bad?

To be fair, I have not played any of these games. So, I really cannot review these games. I’m just sharing what is on my mind on these two titles. I don’t hate these games at all. I do appreciate that there are fans willing to put time and effort and make a game supporting their love for Serious Sam. So, I would like to say “Thanks” for the hard work to the developers.

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