Serious Sam 3 BFE – Prepare to get Serious… Again!


The anticipated Serious Sam sequel is now finally scheduled for release in November, wait, that’s this month! The video above demonstrates what players can expect in the new addition to the franchise. Serious Sam stands solidly on my list of favorite games of all time. To this day, I still play the originals (First & Second encounter) released back in 2000-2002. Especially when they were remade a year ago. Serious Sam 3 looks to satisfy any fan of the series. With everything good about this game so far, there is a couple of grips against some of the game design choices that Croteam made that just does not fit in the style of Serious Sam.

  1. Serious Sam 3 - Iron sightsIron sights. I just don’t know about that feature. It just does not look right when the game is supposed to be all about runnin’ and gunnin’ like the originals. Yes, there was a sniper rifle in the Second Encounter, but that was the only weapon that had a scope on it so it added to the challenge of switching to a gun that you could zoom in and take out an enemy in the distance, but in SS3, it is for all weapons. Call it a whiny compaint from olde’ fanboy Kevin, but you have to agree that using iron sights for every weapon just looks weird in a Serious Sam game.
  2. Serious Sam 3 - ShotgunReloading of every weapon. Now yes, reloading is a natural part in any warfare… but in Serious Sam… Well again it just does not look right. In the originals, again, reloading was only for the Double Barrel shotgun… but that is understandable… and the Magnum pistols. Here every weapon has to be reloaded (exept for the rocket launcher & laser). When the Serious Sam games are a throwback to early classic arcade type first person shooters, like the old Doom, reloading just does not fit. Take a look at Hollywood action movies, you don’t see top action actors reloading constantly, do you? No because reloading is boring! I want to shoot! Anyway, this is just an opinionated gripe. It will certainly add to the challenge in the game though! Especially against those F–king Kleers!

Those are the only two I have against the game. Now, these two complaints are very minor though so I am not going to say “Rebel this game because it has iron sights and reloading!!!”, no, Serious Sam 3 sure still looks like great fun. Especially with the addition of melee attacks and executions (the above video shows a great demonstration for that). I’m seriously serious and I cannot wait for it! Serious coop galore!

 Serious Sam 3 - Screenshot Serious Sam 3 Screenshot

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