Dead Island: Buggier Than An Island of Infected


Dead Island
Dead Island Crowbar Dead Island is now about 2 weeks old since it’s release on September 6, 2011. Boy, what a messed up release that has been, especially on Steam! First, Techland uploaded the wrong version of the game which turns out to be a developer beta. People who were the first to play it were very confused on the fact that they could walk through walls and some zombies would not attack them nor see them standing directly toe to toe. Officially, Techland apologized and released a patch to Steam that updated the game to the correct version. An honest mistake, I guess… But that is only the beginning of our problems.

Multiplayer… Not Working?!

Next, the multiplayer functionality would not work! For a game that marketed itself as an online coop game, this was inexcusable. A friend of mine wanted to join in my game, but could not find me… he could not find anyone! Upon research, everyone who tried the multiplayer portion of the game confirmed that it was, in fact, broken. I was one who would not let that little obstacle get in my way of coop mayhem, so I downloaded and tried Hamachi that basically would let me create a virtual network. If online multiplayer would not work, then LAN should… right? It sure did! After a couple of minutes setting up my own VPN, I was bashing zombies in the face with a buddy.

What is that Horrid Sound?!

Sound in Dead Island is bugged!

Sound crackles when using a surround sound enabled device

Since the multiplayer portion of the game had a work around, there was another problem… a very ANNOYING problem that almost rendered the game useless to me. That problem was the sound! The sound of the game made horrid static crackling! At times, the crackles were so loud that I could not hear any of the other sounds in the game. I would actually, at times, be forced to take off my headset or it would start giving me an ear ache. I looked high and low for a solution to this problem, the only fix I found was that I had to exit out of the game, re-run the game until the crackling was tolerable. This work around is quite annoying, but more annoying to my fellow friends on steam where they would see “Kevin is now playing Dead Island” over and over and over again. My appologies if you are one of them… don’t blame me, this game is just f-king buggy!

Put a Patch On That SOB!

Techland had released a patch a week ago that fixed the online multiplayer being down and added a voice chat (that you cannot disable!), but did not fix that god forsaken AUDIO BUG! I hear that the audio bug is caused by the crappy surround sound support, which my headset (Logitech G35) has 7.1. The only workaround for the crackling is to uninstall any surround sound drivers, which is out of the question because I do play other games with surround sound.


Dead Island

Lots of adventure & fun awaits in Dead Island, if you bypass the bugs

Other than being a buggy mess in the audio department, the game is quite addicting. I have been playing it for 25 hours so far, and am loving the game play. Yes, the graphics seem like a mixed bag, at times they do seem a bit outdated, but there is a lot of game to experience here with lots of variety in missions and 3 huge maps to explore which include a ¬†zombie vacation beach resort, a zombie infested city, and a tropical rain forest decorated in body parts! Overall, the game is buggy, but getting over that (I had one hell of a hard time to do), the game is a lot of fun… Especially in the now online working coop! I really hope Techland patches this game for the PC soon!

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