Mount & Blade – Mini Rant/Review


Mount & BladeJust saw that Steam had a sale on the Mount & Blade games. I played the demo for the first one expecting a neat RPG experience judging from all the fanbase and good reviews on the game… From what I experienced, that game was way way WAY overrated!

The graphics were not great, at all. In fact it looked like a crappy indie game that someone made out of their basement, I should know, we can sense our own. The landscape was very basic, long grassy fields and a couple trees. The entire landscape looked boring and unoriginal. How you moved from one area to another was through loading screens, you basically pick a place to go on a map and then boom your there. It feels like the traditional loading of “levels”. In an RPG… It did not seem right, especially compared to better RPGs out there like Oblivion or the Gothic games.

Mount & BladeNext is just the gameplay. It felt way too easy and had no polish whatsoever, take the combat system for an example, it basically is a button masher. I like my share of button mashers, but in this game it just did not feel satisfying. The training mission was hilariously done though. Countless rounds with the easiest opponent you experience = not fun.

I could go on and on about this title, but why don’t you try it for yourself. Download the free demo and see if you like it or not. I certainly did not.

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