$60?! What the HELL?!


What is up with the new $60 price tag on PC games. There used to be a time where new games were charged at the most $50, but $60? What the hell?! It is all thanks to that Call of Duty franchise that corporate shat out of their stinky @$$! I say nay to this disaster of a gaming mess, I say boycot any game that companies charge $60 for, unless it has extra content (and no, not stupid multiplayer skins), I mean real extra content like extra missions or another game thrown in.

Bottom line, STOP this $60 bullcrap thrown at us PC gamers. YOU’RE PISSING US OFF!

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2 Responses to $60?! What the HELL?!

  1. irevplu irevplu says:

    its worse having to still pay $60 for a pc game that has been downloaded via steam, amazon and other downloaders because im not getting any box or disc. it looks like im still paying for packaging even though im downloading

    • Kevin Kevin says:

      Amen! The $60 price tag on hard copies are enough, but digital versions?! WTF?! By fact, the digital version should cost tremendously less (at least $10) because the amount of money that goes into most packaging makes the hard copy of the game more expensive. This includes the printed manual and CD. But making the digital version the same price as the hard copy is just fucking bullshit!

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