New Game to be Released Tonight!


Toxin Puzzler - Releasing at 11:00 PM CST

Hello Toxin GamRs,

Today, we have now updated the website for our all new E-Mail RSS Feed subscription.  You may now enter your email address into the bar at the top-right of the website and subscribe to it.  The E-Mail version of our RSS Feed is the same as the normal version of the RSS Feed, but the only thing different is that any news article that we post gets delivered to your inbox.  This is great if you do not have an RSS client (which Opera and Firefox has built-in).

Also, we are going to be releasing a new game to the public as promised.  The game is “Toxin Puzzler” which is a picture “slide n’ solve” puzzle that Kevin Schuster has programmed himself as a side project during his free time.   It has the following features:

  1. Multiple pictures to be solved
  2. Music composed by Kevin
  3. A neat interface
  4. Online score uploading (So you can view how many slides it took for other people to solve a puzzle)
  5. A basic puzzle editor (So you can make your own puzzles and share them with the community or keep them for your own personal use)
  6. Best of all, it is FREE so you do not have to pay a penny to play it

We will be releasing this at around 11:00 PM tonight so at that time range, check out Toxin Puzzler’s home webpage for to see if it is uploaded for download.  If you miss the release, we will make a notification newscast tomorrow (October 21, 2008) for you if you forget.

Until then, game hard!

– The Toxin Games Team

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