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Hello Toxin GamRs,

Today, we will be covering three topics, one being the new RSS Feed that we had announced; the second will be about a movie that was released in theatres on Friday October 17th that should concerns gamers, and the third being about our disappearance from October 1, 2008 through October 15, 2008.

The new RSS Feed that we had announced in the last newscast is soon to be released. There are some things holding us back, but those things are minor. The one thing that we can say now is that we are not going to be using the standard RSS Feed publishing which is what you can subscribe to us right now, if you have not, we encourage you to subscribe. We know what you are saying “But wait, why are you going to be using FeedBurner anyway if you are not going to use its standard RSS Feed function?” Since we already have a standard RSS Feed up and running without any problems, it would not make much sense to replace it with a new one, but FeedBurner does have another feature which is E-mail RSS Feed. With this, we can send not only an RSS Feed article of news to RSS Clients, but we can send it to people through E-mail to deliver the news directly into their E-mail inbox if they had subscribed to the feature. Now, we do not know when we will be releasing this feature because we really have not had time to play around with FeedBurner since it is still new to us, but when the time comes that we have released it, we will make a news article specifically for that.

Next up in our newscast, there seems to be a movie that will concern gamers, and if you are a gamer (which you should be) then it should concern you. Of course I am talking about the new movie “Max Payne”. Now, as being a gamer myself, I have seen many movies based on games which most of them sucked. For example “Doom” the movie. In my opinion that movie was not good. It had bad acting and did not float around the main plot that the Doom series was about, the UAC accidentally opening a portal to Hell which spawns hellish entities and demons. In replacement it was about a virus… yeah a virus. Anyway, enough about “Doom”, I would like to say I have not seen “Max Payne” the movie yet, but has received some good reviews, which does surprise me since the traditional logic: “game + movie = disaster”. With this in mind, I am still going to the movie with no expectations. When I see the movie, I will write a small review of my opinion towards the movie on the Toxin Games Community forums under “General Discussion” (look for Kevin S. as the poster). In the meantime, check out some more reviews on this movie by going to the “Max Payne” movie page on Internet Movie Database or if you have seen the movie, we invite you to write your opinion on the movie on our community boards. To make a small note to you, the Internet Movie Database is not a professional reviewer website. It is just normal people like you and me talking about the movie and while giving their opinion about the movie by rating it with a details why. It is a nice site to turn to for movie ratings from the public.

To end off today’s newscast, we will be talking about our disappearance from October 1st through October 15th 2008. For those 15 days, I Kevin Schuster had been on a family vacation down in Florida. We had spent our 2 weeks of family fun at Disney World and it was quite a nice get-away to relax and not worry about anything. Now this is a small and brief explanation on my vacation, but I will save what I had done down there for the next newscast. Until then, game hard!

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– The Toxin Games Team

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