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Toxin Games - New Website Launched!

Hello Toxin GamRs,

We hope you have noticed that the site has changed; in fact changed so much that it is a completely new site. This is a true factor as we have worked hard on making a new and more efficient site to browse for our products. Not only is the site a lot better looking than the old site, but it is error free. We took our time and complete knowledge to ensure that the site is compatible for most browsers as we validated it on W3C’s Markup Validation Service (see seals below) and we tested it on the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
  • Opera Opera
  • Mozilla Firefox Firefox

The only two that we have tested on, but failed loading the site correctly were:

  • Apple Safari Safari
  • Google Chrome Google Chrome

This is due to the XML parser. You see, in the News Feed object to the top right of the page underneath the “RSS Subscribe” window, we use XML to get the top three most current news casts, but due to Safari and Chrome’s different parsing method or supposed “error” handeling the XML parsing, we were unable to classify them as working browsers. If you run them in our website, everything but the News Feed Object will load correctly. In the News Feed, you will get “Unable to gather news content” and “Unable to gahter news headline”. So far, our attempts on finding or solving an issue for this problem has failed, but we will never give up.

Anyway, this covers the more popular browsers and we could be almost sure that it will work for other browsers as well, but if you have a browser that we have not tested the site on, please give us some feedback on how well the site is presented in the browser. Not only is the site error free, we also took advantage of Cascade Style Sheets (CSS). Now, we can make changes to the website without having to modify any of the pages.

We could go on and on about what has been changed so here is a list of the rest of the things changed and added:

  • No more frames (Yay!)
  • Added a site map
  • Dynamic sizes (Jello design technique)
  • Quick links (Top Games, News Feed, Free Games, and Bottom Page Navigation)
  • Disabled web-cache’ing to ensure updates are quickly downloaded
  • RSS Feed – To keep viewers updated without having to check the site 24/7

As we continue to fulfill the site with more content, we would like to announce that we are proud to have a working RSS Feed function for the site to keep you posted with news once there is a minor or major event happening (such as a game release or personal life news). As in personal life news, this contains any news that a Toxin Employee wants to share with you such as tips and tricks on something, tutorials, personal blog, or any vacational matters. This way, viewers can come back to view a new article on something outside of Toxin Games. So, keep up to date with our news cast by subscribing to our RSS feed up top. You may either click on the “Subscribe” button on the top right or you may click on the browser’s RSS Feed icon that is within the website’s address text bar.

We hope you find this new site much more eye comforting and exciting than the last one. Enjoy your stay!

– The Toxin Games Team

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