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Experts in bone chilling horror, heart pounding action, and mind consuming riddles, Toxin Games stands within the depths of the Indie Interactive Entertainment Industry as a growing game developer, serving haunting platters for those who hunger torque, challenge, and terror.

Games News
  • Relic Rick Released!

    Relic Rick is an action-adventure dungeon crawler featuring a retro 8-BIT ZX Spectrum style. In the game, you control the adventurer, Rick, who is on a hunt for an ancient artifact for his museum. During his … Read More

  • FIREWALL 48k Released!

    FIREWALL 48k is an action game that takes place inside a computer system during a sequence of file downloads. The main goal of the game is to complete the downloads by letting the white download … Read More

  • Website & Logo Update

    We went through the website and made a few improvements to the color scheme. Here is a list of revisions: Background color has been changed to a dark grey color – This makes reading easier … Read More

  • Grim: Mansion Level Screenshot

    We are proud to show off what we are currently working on for Grim. Here is a development screenshot of the mansion level for Grim. The mansion in the game is one of the many … Read More

  • Quick Update On Grim


    “Where the hell are you guys?”, “What is the status on Grim?”, “Are you guys still working on the game?” Looks like people have been missing us, eh? Well, I’m going to give you guys … Read More